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Dr. George Alexander

A few words about the Chairman of the Group, Dr. George Alexander.

George Alexander has been active in the field of wild animals and birds since 1985.

After the completion of his studies in the Veterinarian School of the Cairo University, he pursued postgraduate studies on the subject of bird diseases in Cambridge England. Then Dr. George Alexander completed his training by successfully obtaining a PhD Degree in Nantes France.

Since then he has published a large number of scientific papers in the reputable scientific journal Poultry Middle East & African. He is also a member of a number of scientific associations and on occasions has elaborated important studies pertaining to the growth of the production of wild animals and birds and the use of their derivatives in consumable products.

In 2007 he organized successfully in Greece the WORLD RATITES CONGRESS, of which he was the President. In addition the Companies of the Group often participate in international and domestic fairs (MedicExpo, Food and Beverage etc.).

Currently Dr Alexander is quite successfully involved, both in Greece and abroad, mainly in trading activities as well as in the provision of consultancy services in the field of his expertise having created an extended network of associates and always aiming to new forms of cooperation always characterised by the prestige and consistency of the Alexander Group of Companies.