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G.A. for Bio Products ( Portugal )

G.A. was established in 2002 and registered in Portugal. Its scope of activities is the production and marketing of biologically produced veterinarian medicines as well as feed and supplementary feeding and biologically produced feed exclusively for animals.

The expert and specialised staff of the company, the scientific training provided, the continuous research, the knowhow and the use of new technologies in the field of the production of biological feed and veterinarian medicines are the factors that have placed the company amongst the top ones in the world in the above fields of activity.

The company has been awarded an ISO certificate for the total of its activities, since it attributes great importance to the quality of its products and the appropriateness of its installations and production procedures. Therefore there is adherence to all the hygiene and safety rules that will ensure the compliance of the end product to all the necessary specifications in order to be marketed.

The specialisation of G.A. in the field of animal feed and veterinarian medicines has ensured important international partnerships with companies established in many countries on Europe, America, Israel and the Middle East. The company is committed to the following, always taking into consideration the fact that the production and marketing of feed and medicines for animals concerns after all the public that consumes them:
Quality assurance by carrying out quality controls in order to ensure all those preconditions that render the products fit for consumption.
Continuous monitoring of the conditions regarding standardisation, storage and movement of the goods, via a strict and predetermined plan.
Continuous research and training aiming to the broadening of the products and services offered.
Continuous update on the developments pertaining food processing and food technology.

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