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A.Tadros & Co Ltd

The company was established in 2004 with the trading activity as its main objective. The items we market are the following:
Wild animals’ skins (deer, roebuck, ostrich, crocodile, snake, boar) in processed or non-processed. For the processing the most advance technology machinery is operated by specially trained staff in certified areas and procedures ensuring the optimum quality of the products.

By utilising the natural wealth of the Greek land the company markets traditional products. Having established a vast network of associate producers throughout Greece and putting quality and respect to the consumer at the top of our concerns, the company markets a wide range of products such as extra virgin olive oil, olives, dairy products, meat, etc.

The company markets a full range of cosmetic body care, face and hair care products made by ostrich oil and by the name of STRUIS LUX. The action of the natural ingredients of these products (beeswax, natural resins, algae) combined with ostrich oil have beneficial effects and can a daily care recipe. Aiming to the compliance of all safety rules, and since the above are mass consumption products all the relevant stages of their production have all the necessary certificates that safeguard and guarantee their quality.

The objectives of the company are:
Continuous broadening of the range of our products.
Achievement of partnerships with smaller and larger producers throughout Greece with the reinforcement of the production and economic activity in the country.
Export of the goods that come from the Greek land to the large markets abroad.

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