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Kithairon Private

In 2005 the Group GEORGE ALEXANDER established KITHARON PLC. It is a prototype enterprise involved in the slaughter, standard packing and marketing of animal and poultry meat. In the company all the principles of traditional cattle breeding are applied. The animals are born and reared in the farm in the area of Melissohori of Thiva, an area characterised by a moderate climate, fertile soil, appropriate
hence for grazing.

In the slaughter house that is operated in the installations of the farm all the preconditions that assure the quality of the meat that reaches the consumer are met. For this reason it is ISO certified and it is equipped by the most recent technology equipment regarding the slaughter of the animals. Then after the meat passes through the cutting facility where the pieces of meat are sorted, it is forwarded to the packing centre, in which the appropriate technological equipment has been installed and the necessary certifications have been guarantied, in order to assure the strictest quality control.

In all the stages of the process, from the slaughter of the animals to the packaging of the products the company cooperates with expert staff (livestock farmers, poultry-men, food technology experts, etc.), in order to ensure the observance of all the safety rules that will render the products fit for consumption.
After the meat is packaged it is ready for wholesale or retail sales via an extended network of associates that will undertake its marketing to butchershops and super-markets with refrigerated lorries that meet all the preconditions regarding the appropriate preservation of the meat until it is channelled to the market.

The objectives:

  • The flawless operation of the company on the basis of a strictly organised quality assurance system at all the stages of the process.
  • The further expansion of wholesale and retail trade.
  • The broadening of the range of the products.
  • The conclusion of agreements with large super-market chains.
  • The conclusion of international partnerships through the export of our products.

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