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George Alexander

GEORGE ALEXANDER Company was established in 1994 and is a company of the private sector involved in the provision of consultancy services in the fields of planning and operating of livestock breeding units.
The expert and specialised associates of the company undertake the elaboration of specialist studies that are based on the needs and the possibilities of their client in order to deliver complete plans for the construction of zootechnical units.

At a subsequent stage the company will proceed to the supply of the full equipment to these units by machinery of the latest technology, and guarantee all the necessary control and operation certificates. Then the expert associates of the company will proceed to the provision of education and technical training of the staff of the client company by organising seminars for the provision of knowhow. Hence the flawless operation of a company is guarantied at all at all its stages.

In addition the company is active in the trade of veterinary medicines, livestock feed for farms, as well as veterinary equipment for farms, providing thus a comprehensive network of services.

The objectives:
Optimum quality of the services provided.
Continuous control of all the stages up to the completion of the project.
Continuous provision of specialisation and knowhow to the staff.
Broadening of the activities abroad aiming to the conclusion of international partnerships.

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